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Our hearts go out to Mrs. Bernice Baker, wife of Terry P. Baker, and family and friends. Mr. Baker  recently died in June 2018 of cancer.  Terry was the third generation owner and operator of the Baker Wright Auto Electric shop at 202 Court St., Portsmouth, N.H. The shop served car maintenance customers near downtown Portsmouth, N.H. This historic building which was originally the firehouse is currently for sale.

Terry Baker’s independent car repair serviced BMW, Fiat, GMC, Kia, Land Rover, Pontiac, Saab, and Subaru. It also served Seacoast residents auto repairs for other makes as well, conveniently located to downtown Portsmouth, N.H.

Baker Wright Auto Electric specialized in electric repair, oil changes, brake service, engine repair, muffler and exhaust services for vehicles near Portsmouth, N.H. The historic building was built as a firehouse in 1836. It became a garage in 1920 with Terry’s grandfather. The has two garage doors in the front and the capacity of four to eight parking spaces in front. The garage business is currently closed.

Autoworks founder Stephen Kosacz is saddened by a fellow independent garage owner’s  passing.   He wishes the Baker family, friends and customers the best.

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