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Has 41 years experience repairing all makes and models. He led the local Cub Scout troupe in a handyman workshop during January 2016. The scouts all participated in checking engine oil and changing tires on their parents vehicles. They enthusiastically all received a complimentary tire pressure gauge.

Stephen “cut his teeth” working on SAAB 2 cycles back in college. He enjoyed auditing former Governor and U.S. State Senator Angus King’s Leadership course at Bowdoin College.
Stephen successfully bicycled coast to coast back East from Anacortes, Washington across America to York Harbor, Maine in summer of 2012, over 57 days. Energy conservation, racing Laser sailboats around New England, cross-country skiing, and fly fishing are some of his interests.

He serves on the Town of York’s Energy and Sustainability Committee, the York Hospital’s Green Team, the Economic Development committee for the Town of Kittery and is on the Stakeholder committee for the new Sarah Mildred Long Bridge.