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Brakes Service at Autoworks

Our ASE certified technicians have extensive and ongoing training. The brake exam for their certifications include these brake topics.

  • Hydraulic, Power Assist, and Parking Brake Systems Diagnosis and Repair
  • Drum Brake Diagnosis and Repair
  • Disc Brake Diagnosis and Repair
  • Electronic Brake Control Systems (ABS, TCS, ECS) Diagnosis and Repair

For more information about your brakes and the noises they may be making please call us today. 207 439-4500

FREE brake pads in October 2019 for our sixth year supporting the Brakes for Breasts Fundraiser.

Help us put the BRAKES on Breast Cancer 2018

Brakes for Breasts Fundraiser Kick off staff photo Autoworks is participating for the fourth year with other independent shops across the country. Each customer who needs brake pads during the month of October receives free brake pads for all makes and models.(up to 1...

How do I tell if I need new brakes?

Most cars have 2 brake warning lights, one red and one amber. The amber light warns if the anti-lock brake system has a problem. When this light is on the anti-lock (ABS) system is not working. Keep in mind that if your brake fluid is low enough to turn the warning...

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