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Two years ago, my cycling buddies and I were riding on a trip out west in Idaho. We were making their way to West Yellowstone when one of them noticed an owl on the side of the road. We thought it was sitting on its latest meal, but it wasn’t, and didn’t move when they approached closer and took the picture here. Very odd.

Concerned about its health, we called back home to our Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick. Emily from the Center connected us to Wyoming Fish & Wildlife who referred us on to the Teton Raptor Center in Idaho.

After a long time wondering about the poor owl, Idaho Dept. of Fish & Wildlife finally got back to us to say they had transported the distressed owl to the Teton Raptor Center where it was in their trauma tent receiving oxygen and fluids. It still gets me choked up thinking about that animal and what might have happened if we didn’t stop and call. Ever so glad we did.