207.439.4500 APPT@AUTO-WORKS.COM

Autoworks is the only local auto repair facility that will pick up your car from C&J Bus Terminal at Pease Tradeport in Portsmouth, and return it back in time for your ride home. It doesn’t get any more convenient.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Call 207 439-4500 or email appt@auto-works.com to request a service appointment.
  2. Park your vehicle in the 15 minute lot in a designated Autoworks space at the C& J Bus Terminal, Portsmouth, N.H.
  3. Obtain Autoworks Key Drop Envelope and Mirror Tag from the staff at the C&J ticket counter.
  4. Place hang tag in your vehicle and lock your car.
  5. Place your car keys in the provided envelope after you fill out the information, seal and return it to the C&J staff.
  6. Autoworks will pick up your car service it and return it to the same lot for your arrival. All updates on your vehicle will be sent to you by text, email or phone.

Note: A free loaner vehicle will be provided for your return if additional time or parts are necessary.

Pakring space at C&J bus  terminal for service customers with Autoworks.
Autoworks service while you travel parking space at C&J terminal.