If you’re one of those people who prefers to hear reviews from your friends, your peers, and other car owners, then know this – from Hampton or Rye to Cape Neddick or Ogunquit, or from New Castle to Newington, Autoworks is known for being the auto repair facility that friends refer to friends.

January 8, 2016
"THEY HAVE ME FOR LIFE!!! I have lived in quite a few places around the
country and have owned quite a few cars that needed service, and I can say
without a shred of hesitation, unless ownership/management changes, I will keep
on telling everyone I come across about this exceptional repair facility.
Jeremy Maddox, Autoworks Service Advisor: From the moment he answered the phone,
he was available, present, listening not not only to what I was saying, but also to what
I wan't saying in words but was expressing through sounds like a sigh, and he'd address
it immediately!!! So here's a summary of my experience with Autoworks Inc. in Kittery,
Maine. I called up in a panic because my car was making a horrendous sound when I would
start it up in the morning. -- I was very worried my Timing Belt was ready to go since the
last repair shop that had worked on my car told me that I was risking destroying my car if
I did not replace my timing Belt as soon as possible. Now this other place is considered a very
reputable, even specialized auto repair shop, that had just repaired and replaced stuff in my
vehicle in the tune of 4 thousand dollars. But when the awful sounds started up, a couple
of months  after I was being forewarned by the auto repair shop that I had just written out
about 4 thousand dollars worth of check to, I just didn't want to go back there.
So I started researching online and reading reviews etc., and Autoworks reviews made the
decision for me. --After Jeremy heard me out, he asked the model and year of my car and
said, No, your car doesn't need it's timing belt replaced, it won't need one for at least another
70,000 miles. He said bring it in now, leave it overnight, we'll give you a loaner (for free) and
I'll call you tomorrow. It turned out that all my car needed was oil.  My car has over 130,000
miles on it, and the oil gage hadn't come on. It was close to being surreal.  Aside from being
a Class A Advisor, Jeremy is also a constant teacher.  And when I met the owner, Stephen Kosacz,
the first thing that flashed through my mind was "he's right out of a Ralph Lauren ad" and
then he spoke, and well like I said "They have me for Life".
                                                 M.D., Kennebunk, Me. 
Jan. 6, 2016
Autoworks does top quality work. I have been bringing my car to Autoworks for 8 years
and have always had wonderful service. Even during oil changes they check the car over
carefully and recommended preventive service if needed. Stephen has owned Autoworks
for decades and not only runs a wonderful business but is very community focused.  He
does a lot for good causes in the local area so Autoworks is more than just a business.
It is a community resource.  I have always felt confident in the work that Autoworks does.
They keep my 2005 Toyota Highlander running like a top. the people that work at Autoworks
are honest, efficient, and friendly.
                      Don- Rye, N.H.
18 Nov. 2015
Dear Steven & Jeremy-
           I just wanted to let you know that we made it home i one piece, and
the transmission performed like a champ!
           To refresh your memory, we came to you on a Friday afternoon
preceding the Columbus Day holiday.  Our broken Volvo needed a new
transmission and you and your crew went to work on it.  Meanwhile, we
toured the local area thoroughly in the loaner Volvo you so kindly provided us
to use.
            Sylvia and I want to thank you again for your gracious, warm treatment
to two old travelers in big mechanical trouble.  You were so professional in
solving our plight.  We are indebted to you for taking such great care of a
couple of "foreigners".
             After we left Kittery, we drove down to Boston and saw the sights, then
out to Cape Cod.  From there we visited Newport, RI. and then went East to
New York City.  Saw the World Trade Center there and of course, the
Statue of Liberty. THEN,...We put the pedal to the metal and headed due
West!  It took us 10 days to make the 3000 mile trip back to San
Francisco.  Got slowed up in Salt Lake City by weather, but took off running
after that and beat the snow to San Fran.
              Thank you again for your kind Maine hospitality- we will remember you.
                                    Warm regards,
                                             Don & Sylvia, San Francisco, Ca.
P.S. Jeremy, -Sylvia kept that wicked "flowah" you gave her all the way home.
                                              Take care-
So kind, honest, and swift! I thought the price was fair and was surprised they had
so much done in just one day (inspection, oil change, 2 new tires, brake pads, etc.)
after scheduling that morning. The staff offered a level of friendliness rarely encountered
at auto shops-how refreshing! My debit card was declining because of a spending limit,
but they kindly allowed me to drive home and call back with my credit card that I had
left at home. I appreciate this level of kindness so deeply, I will absolutely be back.
                                   Heather, Kittery, Me.

Thank you note. May 2014











I live about 100 miles north of Kittery. A week before I left for Virginia, I had put 4 new premium tires on my 2013 Volvo. As I rolled down Interstate 295, I felt a rumble in the steering. I was taking a 1600 mile round trip and the rumble was unacceptable. At Kittery, I got off the turnpike and looked for an auto repair facility---I accidentally found AUTOworks. I explained I was driving through Kittery and could not take a future appointment---the concierge could not have been nicer. She arranged for a mechanic to do a test drive with me, he sensed the problem and after checking the tires in the shop, he found all four were out of balance [one week on the car] and that the wrong weights had been used. 90 minutes after my arrival, I was on the road with smooth driving for the 1500 mile trip. I only wish that AUTOworks had a branch on the Midcoast. Great service!  L.T.  April 2014

Voicemail: 2/14/14

Hey Stephen & Autoworks crew,

I’ve  had two cars in for service- regular oil changes  etc. You did an alignment and basic balance Saturday morning on my Ford Excursion. I drove it to Michigan. I just want you to know it has never run better or smoother. I don’t know what you did but it’s awesome, just amazing, thanks for seeing me.  I give you my permission to use this testimony as you see fit. Thanks again! You made a difference for me and my family, appreciate it.

P.E., York Beach, Me.

All work performed (which as you can see there was LOTS) was to my complete satisfaction, I spoke many many times with Jeremy during the course of the few weeks my Audi was at the shop and each and every time he was extremely helpful and professional. I will not hesitate to call and set up more work if the need arises...however, I hope it does not and so does my wallet 🙂
Happy Holidays to you and your staff,
Happy Customer

- A.L. from Berwick, ME


Miles and gallons of KISSES to Autoworks in Kittery for helping people to solve problems in their lives and in the bigger community at the same time. Whenever my car needs anything at all, the good folks at Autoworks help me reduce my carbon footprint and get me where I need to go while they fix my precious car. They help me carpool from the Park & Ride, or loan me one of their cars — a huge help! Thanks, Autoworks!

- S.S. from York, ME

As part of Autoworks' commitment to service excellence and transparency, we offer this sampling of real AAA reviews from actual Autoworks customers--the good, the bad, and everything in between:

Dear Steve and Jeremy,
Recently, we brought our daughter’s 2009 Hyundai to Autoworks for its 50,000 maintenance service. When we picked up the car, your service manager (Jeremy) informed us that the air box was broken, and said that Autoworks had not replaced it, as it should be covered by our Hyundai warranty. Jeremy took photos of the broken air box with his cell phone and texted these photos to my wife, who subsequently forwarded them to the Hyundai dealer where we purchased this used car.
Initially, two (2) area Hyundai dealers refused to repair it as a warranty claim, including the dealer that sold us this used car. When I informed Jeremy of these denials, he explained the matter in greater detail, which enabled me to send a detailed email to the Hyundai dealer where we had purchased the car. As a result of this detailed explanation and a review of Jeremy’s photos, the Hyundai dealer subsequently agreed to replace the broken air box as a warranty claim.
We appreciate the extra effort put forth by Autoworks in helping us to get the Hyundai dealer to honor the warranty claim.

- P.P. from Exeter, NH

I want to thank you for the quality service you continually offer and the welcoming atmosphere created at Autoworks in Kittery. I've been buying and selling cars for nearly 10 years, and my least favorite part of owning so many different vehicles is finding the right people to service them when I can't do it myself.  Many people, including myself, take great pride in the vehicles they own. It's comforting to know that Autoworks technicians apply the same attention to detail I would use if I was working under the hood. In a time when overpriced service and cheap gimmicks appear on every corner, it's rare to leave an automotive service station feeling satisfied. Autoworks offers the perfect balance between quality work and fair pricing. Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to using your services in the future.

- S.L. from Newmarket, NH

As a woman, I appreciate clear descriptions of what my Prius needs and people doing exactly what they say.

- H.Z. from Kittery, ME

I felt they were honest and did a great job!

- M.B. from York, ME

Great shop; very knowledgeable people. I recommend them all the time.

- J.P. from York, ME