Autoworks is the only local auto repair facility that will pick up your car at work, repair it during the day and return it back in time for your ride home. If the repairs are more extensive than originally planned, we'll drop off a free loaner instead, so you stay on the road, and your life doesn't miss a beat. Gone are the days of missing meetings and work waiting for your car to be serviced and no more hitting up friends or colleagues to ferry you to and from service appointments. It's just one quick call or e-mail to arrange a date, then drive to work as usual in the Pease Tradeport or Downtown Portsmouth,  and have our AAA-approved, best-in-class facility handle the rest.

*See our complete @Work brochure for more details.*

Three sites to access our award-winning, trusted service.

Pease International Tradeport

For all of you working at the Pease Tradeport,  we will pick up your vehicle repair it during the day and return it to your office. If we need it overnight while waiting for parts, we've got you covered. We will drop off one of our fleet of free loaners for your ride home.

Downtown Portsmouth

Your place of business or home in downtown or Commerce business center  in Portsmouth is easy for our pick up or delivery service for your vehicle. E-mail or call ahead at 603.436.4500 to set up your appointment. Leave your keys with your receptionist or meet us and enjoy your day knowing your vehicle will be ready for your ride home.

Kittery, Maine

We also provide local rides to work and free loaners from our repair facility in Kittery, Maine. Often, folks taking the C&J buses at the transportation center at Pease,  for business trips or vacations will leave their cars for service while away. Leave your keys at the front desk or  grab a ride to the bus from us, and your repaired car will be ready for pick up at the same spot upon return because we will have placed our loaner there to hold your spot.