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  1. Periodic Maintenance

    If the maintenance schedule outlined in your owner's manual is no longer available to you, let us know. We have the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer's) maintenance recommendation for all cars in our computer files, and are happy to provide you with a copy.

    Besides scheduled maintenance, it's important that wear items such as tires, belts, and brake pads and shoes be inspected regularly. These items should be serviced sooner rather than later to prevent breakdowns or costly additional repairs such as damaged brake rotors brought on by driving with worn out pads.

    As the seasons change, let us inspect your vehicle for needs unique to New England's harsh winters and warm, humid summers. A basic winter maintenance includes antifreeze, heater and defrost system tests, tune-up inspection, examination of wipers and tires. For the summer, we'll test the cooling system, belts and hoses, engine and cabin filters, tires, and your air conditioner.

  2. @Work Repair Concierge

    Scheduling repairs on your vehicle shouldn't throw off your whole schedule in the process. With that in mind, Autoworks is the only local auto repair facility that will pick up your car from your office at the Pease Tradeport, Downtown Portsmouth or at the C&J bus terminal in Greenland, repair them during the day (or during an extended trip in the case of C&J) and return them back in time for your ride home.

    *Click to see our full @Work brochure*

    You don't need to alter your day. There's no need to commandeer your friends to drive you to and from the garage. We handle all the logistics from our two Portsmouth area offices and our main facility in Kittery. If we have to keep your car overnight, we'll even drop off a free loaner car to keep you on the road.

    How easy is that? Consider this the end of days wasted, extra effort, schedule juggling and long waits. @Work Auto Repair Concierge Service has arrived. To schedule, just send us an e-mail from the Contact section of our website or call us to schedule ahead for your pick-up and service.

  3. Free Loaner Car Fleet

    The whole idea behind servicing and repairing your vehicle is to keep you moving. When repairs are more complicated, or parts aren't available, your life doesn't stop. You still need to get to work, get to meetings and appointments and run errands. At Autoworks, (for most services) we make available the largest fleet of free loaner vehicles of any independent repair facility on the Seacoast, including our very popular Smart Car, two Volvos, a Saab, a Subaru, a VW Jetta, and many more. When signing up for a loaner please provide proof of your current Auto Insurance Policy, a valid Driver's License, and Credit Card. There is no smoking and no pets allowed and please remember to refuel the vehicle prior to returning it. Sorry, we are unable to reserve loaners. Let us know if you need a ride home or to work.

    Prior to arriving for your scheduled appointment, print out, complete and bring with you the Autoworks Loaner Vehicle Agreement.

  4. Computer Control System

    With our continual investment in tooling and technician training, Autoworks has the capability to accurately diagnose and reprogram a wider breadth of today’s foreign and American cars and trucks than anyone in the Seacoast NH or Southern Maine community. Vehicles models include BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Land Rover, Volvo, Subaru, Saab, Audi, and many more.

  5. Air Conditioning

    Autoworks has been servicing vehicle air conditioning longer than anyone in the greater southern Maine and Portsmouth, NH communities. While an air conditioning system is theoretically permanently sealed and should never leak, A/C failures are generally corrected by recharging the refrigerant. If it needs more than a recharge, we're also equipped to perform most complex A/C repairs. Successful air conditioning repair requires using ultraviolet leak detection dye. Complex climate control systems often require sophisticated scan tools to diagnose electronic malfunctions.

  6. Brakes, Tires & Suspension

    The only things keeping you on the road (and from hitting someone) are your brakes, tires, and suspension. Can you predict the next panic stop, evasive swerve, or torrential downpour? Not the place to cut corners. From the low cost Chinese option to top quality, we can replace them with whatever meets your specific budget and driving needs. From a “pad slap” to thorough rust descaling and lubricating the caliper slides and hardware, the choice is yours. A word of caution about undertaking any "budget-minded" brake repairs – ever try to stop quickly when a brake pad de-laminates? Not fun.

  7. Exhaust System

    Short distance driving is the death mill for steel exhaust, whereas a long distance commuter’s exhaust lasts much longer because the heat drives the moisture, a byproduct of combustion, out of the folds and crevices in mufflers.

    Aftermarket exhaust parts are less expensive than original equipment pieces from the manufacturer. Unfortunately the old saw – you get what you pay for - still rings true. Aftermarket exhaust don’t last as long, don’t fit as well, but may fit your plan for your vehicle’s timeline.

    A few words on catalytic converters: yes they’re expensive. As vehicle emissions become cleaner, “cheaper” aftermarket catalytic converters are having a tough time complying with the emissions requirement programmed into your vehicle’s computer. If you’re getting “cat efficiency” codes, your oxygen sensors are performing well, and engine is running properly, the temptation to buy that converter at half the price of a factory one is probably not a wise move.

  8. Check Engine Lights or Service Engine Soon

    Past experience aside, your Check Engine Light (CEL) or your Service Engine Soon Light (SES) really should never be on. If it is, it means your vehicle is polluting the atmosphere we all breathe. Let Autoworks fix it once and for all - save fuel, save the environment, avoid costly engine or catalytic converter damage. The fix may be as simple as tightening your fuel cap or it may be more involved and require one of our ASE certified Master Technicians who relish the challenge that some vehicles present.

  9. Lube, Oil & Filters

    We offer two types of oil change service. Budget Oil Change (BOF) includes up to five quarts of premium Pennzoil motor oil, a new filter, and the required labor. We also stock synthetic oils when called for by the manufacturer's specification. This service takes about 20 minutes.

    Full Service Lube, Oil, Filter service (LOF) includes everything in the budget service, and a preventive maintenance safety inspection where we check belts, hoses, tires, suspension, steering, lubrication of all doors, chassis lube points, hood and trunk hinges and all fluids. Our professional ASE Certified technicians also take your car for a road test. Their task is to notice those abnormalities you may be accustomed to ignoring.  If there’s anything awry we let you know so you can plan it into your budget.  This service takes about forty-five minutes, but goes a long way to ensuring your car is road worthy.

  10. NH & ME Safety Inspections

    State inspections are due once a year, but no notice is sent by the State. If you are coming in for an inspection please bring your vehicle registration and odometer reading.

    The states require that your vehicle registration be current before we can inspect it. You can now register online and for your convenience here is the link;

    Even though the inspection itself takes just about 30 minutes, we're very thorough. Some shops don’t focus on the details and are quick to "okay" vehicles. That may explain why so many places tell you they’re out of stickers.

    Here's what they're supposed to be inspecting, and remember, it's with your safety in mind:

    - Body integrity - check for holes, jagged edges, extensive rust, weakened body parts.

    - Brakes – “feel” when driving into the bay; pad thickness; rust on disc surface; ABS light off.

    - Brake Lines – no flaking or leaking; no compression fittings at brake line splices; no cracked hoses.

    - Lights – all must work, including fog lights (if fog lights don’t work, you can remove them).

    - Headlights – properly aimed, lenses clear, light chamber free of moisture.

    - Wipers – all must work, including rear wiper; no torn blades.

    - Exhaust – no leaks, no quick-fix repairs (i.e beverage cans); catalytic converter must be present.

    - Seatbelts – all must work, SRS light must be off.

    - Tires – no cracked side walls, no deep cuts, 2/32” minimum tread depth, tire wear must be even.

    - Door Handles – all must operate normally, inside AND outside.

    - Suspension & Steering – no play beyond manufacturer's specs.

    - Constant Velocity Joint Boots – no breaks or tears; no grease spewing forth.

    - Oil Leaks – no leaks onto exhaust that could create a fire hazard.

    - Horn – must work when you push the horn button.

    - Windshield – no cracks or stone chips.

    - Windows – must work.

    Maine's Cumberland County, requires your Check Engine Light be out.

  11. Pre-Purchase Inspections

    Planning to buy a used car?  We have a thorough Pre-Purchase Inspection to let you know the truth about the vehicle before you put any money down.  (Yeah we know, they’re now called pre-owned.) Our advice to you is look before you leap. At a minimum, run a CarFax™ and find the maintenance & service history. Ideally make an appointment to have us inspect everything because CarFax™ only reveals what’s been reported. Too many times the proud new owner learns they now own issues they wished they didn’t.

  12. Tire Rack Preferred Installer

    Autoworks is proud to soon be  a Tire Rack "Preferred Installer." Whether you're looking for low-profile summer tires or rugged winter snow tires, you get the best of both worlds when you take advantage of Tire Rack's low prices and Autoworks' installation, balance and alignment expertise. Buy online from the comfort of your home, and have Tire Rack ship directly to us!

  13. Sprinter Van Maintenance

    Sprinter vans are critical to the operations of many small businesses in the area, and downtime is typically not an option. It is for this reason that local hospitals, wholesale produce distributors and dry cleaners depend on Autoworks’ fleet service expertise to keep their Sprinter vans on the road.

    While Sprinters were historically marketed and sold under the Chrysler label, they are actually powered by sophisticated Mercedes power plants, requiring specialized technical skills for proper servicing.

    Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified Master Technicians all work on Sprinter vans, with Derek Christopherson, Ken Vining and Don Ruger having completed LMZ Mercedes Benz independent training specifically for this purpose.

    We actively stock our parts inventory with Sprinter van components, and for more difficult technical problems we are equipped to run advanced diagnostics so your Sprinter fleet vehicle gets back on the road immediately.

  14. Mini Cooper Repair

    Mini Cooper Repair. We often see Minis every day and their owners love them. They do have their quirks and our experienced technicians are here to help diagnose and service whatever oil leak or wiring harness may be an issue. It may be a transmission reliability problem or power window mount but our experts will take good care of the Mini Cooper.